The Gaps Apartment

  • Type: Interiors
  • Location: Tân Phú, HCMC
  • Year: 2019
  • Area: 63m2

To most of us, apartments are likely to have associations with confined and boring boxes as we walk into them. Moreover, partition walls around functional areas unintentionally make the space more stifling and disconnected.

In order to create a fresher and stylish space, some walls were removed and replaced with arches. They are criss-crossed to make empty space, so the whole area has become indistinctly separate but still closely connected. Now that boundaries between walls and ceilings have disappeared, the space based on the arches are very meaningful and interesting, which sheds the typically dull image of modest little apartments.

Client: Hồ Nguyên Điệp
Project Team: Đặng Đức Hòa, Đặng Thảo Vi
Contractor: LTA Furniture
Photographs: Quangdam